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What to Expect

Despite how many cameras exist in our culture now, many of us are still shy when someone points one our way. I suspect this comes from a latent sense that we don't entirely trust what will be done with our image - we don't trust the person holding the camera.

For this reason, I start to try to earn your trust by asking what do *you* want to do with the images? Why do you want photographs? How would you want to keep or display them? My process from our first conversation to the final delivery of images is meant to maximize our mutual understanding of why you want photographs, and how you plan to enjoy them. I'm not being nosy, I'm trying to serve your needs.

The structure of our time together has four parts - the Consultation, the Shoot, the Viewing, and the Delivery. A brief description of each is below and I will also be checking in with you every step of the way in terms of expectations and making our time together work for you. You might also be curious about how to get the most out of your photographer.

01. The Consultation

Schedule a consultation. We'll meet and get to know each other a bit so the shoot feels more like a friend coming over. I'll help us both understand what your goals are and what you hope to have at the end of our sessions. You'll select a final image product that we're shooting for, and make plans for the where and when of the shoot.

02. THE shoot

Having decided on a time and a place for the big day, we'll meet again and this time I'll have my kit. Wear what you want, be who you are, let me handle the rest. There will be no posing, no one will be told to smile or tilt their head - this is as real as it gets!

03. THE viewing

After I have had some time to review and polish the gallery, we'll meet again at your home to view the results together. I'll be on hand to answer questions, give advice, and to help make selections for your chosen image product.

04. THE delivery

The (other) big day! I will have made arrangements for your image product and once complete I will facilitate delivery.


Does the shoot have to be in my home?

No - we can do the shoot anywhere you like. Consider a place that has particular meaning to you, or is fitting for the goals we discuss in the consultation. If you are still unsure of a place, I have some suggestions if we're in the Corvallis area.

What should I wear?

Wear what you want! We'll most likely be together for 2 hours or more, though, so make it comfortable. Once we select a location I may have suggestions for colors to avoid based on where we will be conducting the session. I'll let you know if this is the case, and most of the time no advice is necessary.

What if there is bad weather?

If we have arranged an outdoor shoot and the weather forecast is uncooperative we will coordinate a solution. Rescheduling is the obvious approach, but oftentimes, for a documentary shoot, the best images come when we roll with the weather. Sometimes, of course, this doesn't make sense. I'll be watching the forecast and you should feel free to reach out if you're concerned about this potential complication.

Have more questions?

Read the full Frequently Asked Questions section

Have more questions?

Read the full Frequently Asked Questions section
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Have more questions?

Read the full Frequently Asked Questions section
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Have more questions?

Read the full Frequently Asked Questions section