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Family Sessions

Family sessions are customized for each family, and I have several options for how to invite the best and most representative moments from our time together. All sessions use a documentary photographic style. This means I won't tell you how to tilt your head, and I won't pose you or direct you in any way. You just do you. Wear matching outfits only if that's what you usually do. My goal is to hang out with you and yours while you all do your thing - I'll just bring my camera.

Below are options for how long a session you want, where we can meet, and what we can do and be taking pictures of together. The preferred minimum is 2 hours for a session. The more time we spend together the more everyone will relax into the moments. The images captured will be richer and will more completely convey the nature of your subjects.

As with all sessions, we will meet first to discuss your needs and what you want to get out of our time. We'll select a feature image product - such as a large format print, photobook, etc - so I can photograph with intention. After editing, I'll host a viewing of the gallery with you and anyone you want to invite and we'll make arrangements for final delivery of your products.

Read more below on the options for our session, then Contact Me to schedule your free consultation - I'd love to know more about what you're looking for.

Day in The Life

This session is the most complete picture of your family, and represents the most value in terms of the quality and meaningfulness of the images. The session is 8+ hours, a full day in full documentary style. I will do no posing, no arranging, and I will make no demands that anyone smile - feel free to cry or howl if you need to! Because of the extended time and the comfortable intimacy that comes with a full day, the resulting imagery often includes some of the richest and most unexpected moments.

You can learn more about full documentary style and Day In The Life sessions in this post.

parent pointing out dangers looking down river

Family Adventure

Whether you consider yourself adventurous or not, this is a good option to capture your family doing together what you love the most. If you doubt your family's sense of adventure, I have suggestions for simple activities and we can discuss something that matches, but this works best when you choose your own adventure, as it were. We can be quiet about it, with a walk in the woods, or a jaunt to a favorite destination, or we can really send it with a day on the slopes or the trails. No matter what you choose, I promise I can keep up and capture however it is that you experience joy together.

Take a look around the Gallery for examples of Family Adventures we've done so far.


It's the home for good reason - it's where we can be ourselves most often and most comfortably. A Homeday session is similar to a Day In the Life, but shorter. For the most genuine moments, the preferred minimum length is 2 hours. This also allows for easy connections to develop and for everyone's personal rhythms to fall into place.

Even though it's called the "Homeday", the location can really be anywhere that is important to you - a vacation home, a campground, or your favorite picnic site. Make it a location where you connect and where I am allowed to photograph and we are good to go.

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