Frequently Asked Questions


Does the shoot have to be in my home?

No - we can do the shoot anywhere you like. Consider a place that has particular meaning to you, or is fitting for the goals we discuss in the consultation. If you are still unsure of a place, I have some suggestions if we're in the Corvallis area.

What should I wear?

Wear what you want! We'll most likely be together for 2 hours or more, though, so make it comfortable. Once we select a location I may have suggestions for colors to avoid based on where we will be conducting the session. I'll let you know if this is the case, and most of the time no advice is necessary.

What if there is bad weather?

If we have arranged an outdoor shoot and the weather forecast is uncooperative we will coordinate a solution. Rescheduling is the obvious approach, but oftentimes, for a documentary shoot, the best images come when we roll with the weather. Sometimes, of course, this doesn't make sense. I'll be watching the forecast and you should feel free to reach out if you're concerned about this potential complication.

What is an "image product"?

At the end of our work together, I will deliver to you the tactile, hold-in-your-hands, photographic results of our session. This might be a photobook, a large format, framed print, or a gallery collage for your wall. There are a number of options and we will decide together which one suits your needs best at the initial consultation. I collectively refer to the options for this item (or items) as the "image product."

Do I HAVE to choose an image product in the beginning?

No, not really. We can decide later - I'm not trying to apply pressure. I DO want to settle on something eventually though - I have strong intentions about creating tactile images for you (I say more about this in the site blog) and because I've put a lot of thought into this already I'm also good at helping you identify an image product that suits my unique clients.

Which is a long way of saying you don't need to know what you want in order to book with me.

What if I change my mind about the image product?

No problem. We revisit the whole topic during the Viewing when we make final selections for which images would work best. If you want a photobook instead of a large format print - or want both! - we will decide that before the end of the Viewing. I'll begin production shortly after our viewing, though, and once that happens we're locked in - we can only add on additional products at that point.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Investing in careful, intentional photography is not free or even cheap - but I can help make it affordable. I have clients that schedule a holiday shoot a year in advance and pay a little each month. Come December we schedule the time and place for the session and a few weeks later they take delivery of their photobook. We can review details of a payment plan option that suits you during the consultation.

Do I need to have a "family" to hire a "family photographer?"

Nope. While the vast majority of Documentary Family Photographs are images captured during the short-lived, fast-growing years of children, the same tools, style, and eye for telling stories applies just as well to adults, elders, pets, couples and solo travelers as well. I take photographs because I like to tell stories, and if I didn't have to explain it with everyone who stumbled onto my site, I would label it with "Story-telling Photographer". We all have stories, and I'm interested in finding the photograph that tells it. So get in touch, tell me about your idea!

I want traditional portraits as well, do you do this sort of work?

Yes, I do - within the context of a documentary session. I don't do studio portraits, with lights and stools, but it's simple to capture great, soft focus environmental portraits during a documentary session. The majority of our time together I'll be shooting for moments of connection and story-telling, but if close portraits are an interest for you, I can make sure to include these photos from our session.

Do you do weddings?

Yes, I do, but it's still Documentary style. I don't do the usual posed photographs most couples are expecting, and I only take a few wedding contracts a year at most, and the process is very different from my other sessions. Contact me to see if I still have spots and if your plans would be a good fit for my services.

Do you offer services outside of Corvallis, OR?

Oh my gosh, yes. I love to travel! I routinely schedule shoots throughout Oregon and Washington, and have traveled further afield as well. Additional travel fees may apply, and they would vary depending on what you are thinking about. Contact me and we can talk it over.

Will I get to keep the high resolution image files?

This is sometimes an option. The process I have created prioritizes the gifting of a tactile, hold-in-your-hands photographic keepsake. Naturally - as time goes by - you may want additional prints from the collection for gifts or just for additional enjoyment in your own home. It is uncommon I provide copies of a full set of the high resolution files, but you will have access to the full resolution gallery from each session indefinitely and can make print and image product orders ad hoc as you wish.