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Documentary and Adventure Photography

Documenting Events and Adventures

in the Pacific Northwest

I live in Corvallis, Oregon and took a 40-day road trip moving here from New England. I love talking to people about what interests them, sharing the unexpected, and laughing with family and friends. I believe strongly in people and their capacity for change and reinvention and that photography helps us to remember who we are and those people we love most.

What's Inside...

I've taken photos for myself since high school. The moment when I considered making a career taking photos for other people came much later and was an accident.

At a weekend event, a friend noticed I had a "nicer camera than my phone" as he put it. He asked if I would take his portrait there where we met on a path through the woods. When I sent it to him later, he replied in a message with a level of gratitude I hadn't been expecting.

He explained that this particular moment that I had captured - at his request - was a moment of profound personal growth for him. He didn't share the details, but in his telling of it, when we saw each other - when I took the picture - he was one person, but moments before he had been a different person. He had changed inside, quietly conquering some obstacle long in his way. The coincidence of running into me, a trusted friend with a camera, allowed him to memorialize the moment for himself.

I was flattered to have been a part of this, and loved the significance my photograph had for this man. It had been accidental on my part, but I wanted to do it again, to be more intentional about capturing and preserving these fleeting moments for people.

It's the reason that I offer not only "conventional" documentary family sessions, but specifically seek to help clients document events and moments that may be entirely internal. My goal is for the inner story of my subjects to be apparent in the photographs we make together.

I don't expect or intend to create or manufacture these moments for the camera, but when I started paying attention I noticed that moments like the one with my friend happened more often than I realized. All the time, even. We just don't have a photographer handy to capture it.

But maybe if you and I planned ahead? That's what I got to thinking. So when the moment came for me to consider a big change myself, I opened this business, essentially trying to be the friend with the camera on the path in the woods that just happens to be there when you wanted to remember something in a photograph :)



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Ali T.

Dylan has captured so many moments of love, joy, and bittersweet goodbyes between my friends.